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The After Story Of Yui And Hinata

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The After Story Of Yui And Hinata

Post  Admin TamTam on Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:01 pm

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After yui disappeared,Hinata continued his life. Naoi,Otonashi,Yuri,Kanade,and him graduated from school to live a wonderfull life.except Kanade left to go live in peace and Otonashi stayed at the school without her.But no one knows if Yui and Hinata had a happy life still!!!!!
Chapter 1
Begining a New Life

Hinata and Yui found each other and decided that since this was the after life and they found their peace they should live together.Yui found a house that they could live in.The house was on the street were all their friends lived on.The next day Hinata said,"Yui the guys and i formed a baseball store were you can play and buy bats."Yui told him,"I caught up with Sekine, Hisako,and Irie.They let me meet Iwaswasa.We all formed the band back together."That's great we all have jobs now,said Hinata.1 year later Yui and Hinata were married.Everyone was happy.that night yui told hinata,"why wont we have a kid?" Hinata said that's a great idea. months later Yui said,"Everyone am going to have a kid,it's due on may!"Hinata and Yui were happy the only thing was what were they going to name it.just then Yuri said,"why not yunita it's a combo of both of your names.It was decided it's name was to be yunita.December came by and the baby was 7 months.Yui and hinata were happily married and had a baby girl named yunita.They thought they had a happy life but they didn't know what was in store for them.... [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Thank you For Reading

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