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Suggestions for a better forum

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Suggestions for a better forum

Post  LooP on Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:56 pm

In order for members to have an leisurely time here on the forums I'd like to suggest some features which I think will be good.
1. A chatbox/shoutbox on top of the forums.
2. Organizing of regular contests like Signature of the Week, AMV of the month etc.
3. Rewarding of Reputation Points to the member any winning one of the above contests and for every post he enters.
4. Making of certain groups/clan on the forum each having its own topic and sub topics within them. I suggests having groups/clans of popular anime series as groups/clans in order to have more members joining the forums and adding up to the community. The members can choose to join any ONE group/clan. Also there should be a official ATA Otaku Division Clan which will comprise of Staff members only. Members can post/have access only to respective group/clan with the exception that ATA Otaku Division Clan can post in all of them. Each of the group/clan must be lead by an Staff member and a member.

So these are my suggestions. Hope you'll take them into consideration. Cool
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Level 3 Burst Linker

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Re: Suggestions for a better forum

Post  Admin Mist on Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:31 pm

taken into consideration. thank you

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